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Creative Business Cup is a global year-round initiative that empowers entrepreneurs in the creative industries, helping them grow their business ideas, connecting them to investors and the global markets, and strengthening their innovative capabilities to the benefit of industry and society.


Which startups can participate?

Any startup from the creative industries with a good business idea and a registered company is eligible to compete in Creative Business Cup as long as they uphold the rules and criteria described in this section.

Prerequisites for participating in Creative Business Cup:

  • The core asset of the business must be based on creative competencies: Aesthetics, design, senses, interaction, art, visuals, gaming, media, performance, musicality in a broader sense or other creative competencies must be one of the central components of the project success.
  • The startup must be commercial. Its concept must have market potential.
  • The amount of external capital invested in the participating company must not exceed 500.000 USD and the creative startup must own the rights to the idea with which the applicant is entering the competition.

Creative Business Cup will allow startups from the following areas to participate:

Advertising, Architecture, Arts and antique markets, Crafts, Fashion, Film video and photography, Gastronomy, Leisure activities, Music, Publishing, Radio and Television, Software, Computer games and electronic publishing, Toys and games, Visual and performing arts.

There are no specific requirements for the participating company in relation to age, turnover or number of employees. However, the competition is for startups, which may be defined in accordance to the local context.

Participants in Creative Business Cup can be:

  1. Startups utilizing creative skills in the production of a creative industries product/ service.
  2. Startups utilizing creative skills in the development of a product or service for / in collaboration with other industries.


The winners of Creative Business Cup will be startups that:

  • Show a high level of creativity, and
  • Present a business concept with great market potential

Here is further clarification of what is considered as creativity and market potential:

Creativity: Creative competencies must be crucial for the success of the business idea.

High marks are given to businesses that:

  • Innovate in terms of the product or service, social relations, customer approach, markets or other areas
  • Change the value chains of the creative industries or use creative competencies to change the value chains in other industries.
  • Rely on creative skills as a key to the success of the business
  • Engage customers of others in creative processes

Market potential: The business concept must entail a high level of market potential.

High marks are given to businesses that:

  • Are or can be a good investment
  • Are scalable
  • Show unique value propositions and are difficult to copy
  • Generate new needs and new markets
  • Present a strong overview of the existing market situation
  • Demonstrate the presence of financial and strategic flair within the team
  • Present a good understanding of risks and possibilities
  • Address relevant issues regarding intellectual property rights

How to participate?

To participate please complete the registration form below before the 10th of May 2017: http://svy.mk/2ptgse8

For any further information please contact Maleke Dridi at 70 018 117 or by email: mdridi@iace.org.tn